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The Swedish Numismatic Society (SNF) is the oldest society of its kind in the Scandinavian countries. The society was founded in 1873. The society is dedicated to support all kinds of numismatic research and quality numismatic publications. We also arrange lectures and auctions. We have one of the largest numismatic libraries in Scandinavia.

Anyone interested in coin collecting or in the science of numismatics can apply for membership. Please phone, write or email to SNF and we will send application forms. Membership costs only SEK 250 per year (SEK 375 per year for members outside Sweden).

The members of SNF are of course mainly interested in Swedish and Scandinavian coins, bank notes, medals and tokens, but you will also find collectors of almost any kind of numismatic objects, including ancient Greek and Roman coins.

Together with the Royal Coin Cabinet in Stockholm the SNF publishes a periodical, Svensk Numismatisk Tidskrift (SNT), with 8 issues per year. Members receive this publication free of charge.

The SNF also publishes Numismatiska Meddelanden (Numismatic Essays). In 2004 volume no. 42 were issued. The Numismatic Essays series is offered for sale to members at a discount price. Some of the later volumes also contain articles written in English, German or French or with summaries in English. Naturally, most of the text is in Swedish.

The SNF arranges auction sales once or twice a year. Auction lists are published in SNT and on the Internet. You must be a member to be able to place bids and buy. We also strike medals - more than 70 so far. Most of them struck in very limited numbers, and all of them of numismatic interest, many commemorating Swedish numismatists of the last four centuries.

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Please note that SNF does not buy or sell coins. For questions regarding the value of your coins we recommend your local coin-dealer.


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